About Me

illfaceGraphic designer and illustrations for web and print. When I moved to Washington to get my BFA at the Northwest Collage of Art (now NCAD) I simply fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I’m currently working remotely for a company in Utah, The Journey, as the Lead Marketing Design and Development. First hired on to design the Wilderness Therapy Curriculum (which has all five books now completed and in editing) I soon asked to be a part of the website redesign project and was hired on full time.

Over the past four years I have been putting a lot of work into The Journey’s websites; journeywilderness.com, spiritlakeutah.comjourneycounselingcenters.com, journeyprograms.com, and sunrayfamilycounseling.com. I’ve taught myself Dreamweaver and WordPress, for my current job, and basic HTML/CSS coding.

Dream Job: Creating marketing/product designs in a local Seattle design firm and free-lancing at Wizards of the Coast making Magic cards and D&D concept art. I love drawing monsters…